Upstream Art Activation

Upstream Music Fest + Summit’s art activations will illuminate some of the best visual artists from the Northwest and beyond. The seven installations, thoughtfully presented by local curator Julia Greenway, help define Upstream’s neighborhood footprint, winding from CenturyLink Field to the north end of Occidental Square. The diverse installations include sweeping LED displays and playful inflatable sculptures which are experiential, interactive, and invite the public to share and engage with art in meaningful ways. We encourage attendees and the public to engage with Upstream’s art activations and share about them on social using the #UpstreamArt hashtag.

Another Dimension / Another Dimension


Liminal Passage

Liminal Passage, 2017 | Matt Henderson in collaboration with Xhurch Collective & Portland Immersive Media Group (Portland)
Location: North end of Occidental Park
Liminal Passage is an Upstream Music Fest + Summit art installation exploring ideas of virtuality and immersivity through infinitely replicated space. This series of mirrored tunnels is located at the North end of Occidental Park and is accessible to the public and attendees.

Another Dimension / Another Dimension, 2017 | Celeste Cooning in collaboration with Brandon Aleseon & Reilly Donovan (Seattle)
Location: Through Occidental Mall
Another Dimension / Another Dimension is an immersive tunnel installation stretching the length of Occidental Mall in the center of Upstream Music Fest + Summit’s footprint and is accessible to the public and attendees. Cooning’s stylized, triangular motifs elevated over the walkable area are activated by glowing and vibrant projections by Aleseon and Donovan.

My Little Pony, 2016 | Claire Ashley (Chicago)
Location: In front of Quality Athletics
Cloud Serpent , 2017 | Claire Ashley (Chicago)
Location: Through Nord Alley
Claire Ashley presents multiple inflatables in two locations accessible to the public and Upstream Music Fest + Summit attendees. My Little Pony is a 23-foot tall inflatable sculpture in front of Quality Athletics illuminated during the evening hours and Cloud Serpent is a collection of inflatable sculptures elevated over Nord Alley.

Crash, 2017 | Lucien Pellegrin in association with Sean Carleton (Seattle)
Location: In front of CenturyLink Field North Lot
A structural pyramid lined with cracked and resin coated windshields, Crash creates an engaging beacon for Upstream’s main stage programming. Spotlit from the interior, light fractures out through the cracked glass referencing the Upstream themes of interconnectivity, fluidity, and the exploration of light and sound.

Lighting by Trees, 2017 | Casey Scalf of Sensebellum (Bellingham)
Location: Occidental Ave S (between S Jackson St and S King St)
Painting By Building, 2017 | Casey Scalf of Sensebellum (Bellingham)
Location: West of CenturyLink Field North Lot
Casey Scalf of Sensebellum will activate two large-scale projections accessible to the public and Upstream attendees. Lighting by Trees creates an immersive canopy of light and movement with a geomantic installation of programmed LED lights forming a canopy over Occidental Ave S. Painting by Building will project a live feed of artists working in real time, converting the buildings across from CenturyLink North Lot into a massive canvas featuring the work of local artists.

All the Way UP, 2017 | Phil Reed and Treats Club (Seattle)
Location: NW Corner of CenturyLink Field Stadium
All the Way UP is a series of short animations that were inspired by the Upstream Music Fest + Summit’s musical content, summit speakers, and historic location.