Fest Experience

Upstream Music Fest + Summit is a three day music fest where attendees can discover acclaimed national artists performing alongside rising stars from the Northwest. Our open campus in the heart of Seattle’s historic arts and entertainment district allows for serendipitous moments for fans and musicians alike, and our variety of ticket options means you can curate your perfect weekend of music.

The Sound Lot features TWO stages—the Amazon main stage and KEXP stage—as well as a variety of food, libations and activities. The Sound Lot is the perfect home-base for three days of music discovery in the heart of Seattle.
Amazon Main Stage
KEXP Stage
Head into the heart of Pioneer Square to one of our 15+ venues. Along the way you could bump into your favorite local artist crossing Occidental Park or grab a drink next to the drummer you saw perform hours before—Upstream offers a truly unique and personal attendee experience.
Jenn Champion at Buttnick 1st Ave.
MASZER at J&M Cafe
Black Stax at House of Sparkling Ice (Buttnick Building)
Acid Tongue at AXIS